The Benefits of Short-Term Temporary Positions  

The Benefits of Temporary Positions

Many people think temporary jobs are not worth their time, they disregard them without a second glance.  This is a mistake.  You could be missing out on a great opportunity.  Now I understand that temporary work is truly not for everyone, and I am not suggesting you leave your stable job for a temporary one, but temporary work could be an excellent opportunity, especially if you are currently unemployed.    They give you the freedom to continue your job search while being temporarily employed.

Since the Great Recession, the temporary workforce has been growing for numerous reasons.  Here are some incentives to revisit that short term job posting.

Short Term Work is better than No Work

Being unemployed is hard, and the longer you stay unemployed, the harder it gets.  What is the point of getting up in the morning… why put on pants?  If you are asking yourself these questions, a job is a must.  A short term job will help re-energize your mind and get you up in the morning.  Once the short term job has ended you will have gotten out of your rut and be ready to continue your search more productively.

Learn Something New

If the short term position you are considering is not in your wheelhouse, apply anyway!  You never know what new skills you could pick up, or how this will enhance your resume.  Long unexplained periods of unemployment don’t look great; fill them up with some short term work.  This will help to show how hardworking and motivated you are.

Thinking about Switching Careers?

Maybe you aren’t sure what your career path is yet, or you have tried something and it just didn’t work out.  If you want to change paths or look at a couple of alternatives, short term jobs are a great option.  You get a glimpse into an industry or position without long term ties.  If you don’t love it, you only have to get through your contract or project.  If you do end up loving the work, once your term ends, you will have added clarity and experience to your job search.

Grow your Network

Meeting new people is never a bad thing, no matter what industry they are in, they might know someone who knows someone who may be beneficial to your job search.  Take the short term job as an opportunity to grow your network and increase your visibility.  Also, if you are willing to take on short-term positions you stay at the top of recruiters’ minds.



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