Stress Reduction during the Holidays

Is your year-end quota or bonus on the line? Are in-laws visiting for the holidays? The close of a fiscal year can be stressful for any business. Annual revenue quotas, reporting and compliance not to mention planning for the New Year all create stress. Not only that, but the holidays are upon us, so what are we to do?  Juggling work and life is hard enough without the added stress of the holidays.  Friends and family come from out of town, you have gifts to buy and wrap, social events to attend, and you still have to get your work done!  But not to worry, we are here to give a few tips to ensure this holiday season is as stress-free as possible, and that you finish your project with enough time to attend yet another ugly sweater party.

Say “No”

One of the most important things to know is the power of “No.”  You are only one person; prioritize in order to stay sane.  Know when you are reaching your limit and learn to say no.  Traveling? Work committee? Holiday parties and gift exchanges… the list goes on.  Be aware of your work to-dos as well as your personal to-dos before agreeing to take on one more responsibility.  Set priorities and limits for yourself.  A little planning and scheduling can go a long way.


Having a plan makes your schedule a lot easier to manage.  First set some priorities, what really needs to happen and by when?  Once you have figured out the necessities go back and figure out what fun or social activities you can throw into the mix, and then put them on your schedule.  People often have work to-do lists and live via their Outlook calendar, or what have you, when they are in the office, but they don’t have the same for their personal lives. Edit, red-line, say “no” or simply schedule in some downtime or rest.  The best way to plan for the holidays and create a schedule that works is to plan and record both.

‘Tis the Season

After everything is said and done, just remember the holiday season is about spending time with your family and friends.  Make time for them, but know they will understand if you are a little late because you were finishing a big project. Maybe this year isn’t the year of a personalized photo book, home-baked desserts or holiday cards sent in December. Realize that your time is flexible and limit self-imposed deadlines and traditions.  Try to unplug if you can when you leave work so time spent with loved ones is really time spent well.  Your work will be there when you return.  The holidays are a time where you should try to keep work at work so when you leave you can focus on who you are with and make memories.


If all else fails just remember to breathe, you will get through this holiday season, as you have gotten through all the others, alive.  Here are some tips to de-stress a little every day of the week.  The holidays are a busy time, and they can be stressful, but with a little preparation and luck, you can get through them with ease.


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