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Staffing...With a New Approach

At Menlo Partners Staffing, we’re blazing a new path in recruitment. As your preferred alternative to a retained search firm, there are no large monthly retainers with MPS, and we’re here for you through every step of the hiring process.

Changing the Staffing Game, One Placement at a Time

Whether you’re looking for stellar candidates in accounting, administration, finance, human resources, marketing, or operations, we can help. There’s no blueprint for building a great company, and often roles are unique to each business. We understand this, that’s why we, as an employment agency, excel at filling roles that no one else can fill.

Offering You Expertise Gained from Experience

After 20+ years of experience successfully matching top candidates to open positions, we've perfected the candidate search and engagement process. We approach recruiting with transparency, presenting each job seeker with an accurate representation of our employers. Our engaging and compelling approach to sharing your message highlights your company as an employer of choice to attract the best talent. This helps you secure professionals whose experience, skills, and values align with those of your company.

And our relationships with our clients don't stop once we place a candidate, or receive an official job offer. Our clients are our partners. The relationships we form will last for years to come as we continue to advise and support you on all your talent questions and needs.

Common Questions

How do you screen your applicants?

Our applicant screening process is comprised of three steps. By the time you receive a resume, we have spent on average two hours with the applicant. Before an employment offer, we will work with you to complete confirmation of United States credentials and education, supervisory references with written presentations, and employment history verification dating back ten years.

How long before I see applicants for my roles?

We understand the urgency an opening creates and are as quick as we are efficient, but we are also careful not to hand out band-aid applicants. The pipeline we build for each role is customized to your specifications, so we’re resourcefully seeking candidates. For more information on our customized approach, please see our Fee Structure page.

What roles do you staff?

We place and recruit for accounting, administration, finance, human resources, marketing, and operations roles. Please see our Specialities Page for more information on typical positions we recruit.

Ready to find
your next all-star?

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