Job Interview Tips: 4 Ways To Impress HR

Job Interview Tips: 4 Ways To Impress HRYou've been job-hunting for a long time and finally get the good news: you've landed an interview with human resources at your prospective employer. Job interviews conducted by human resources can have benefits - and drawbacks - depending on your strengths as a potential job candidate. Read on to learn 4 job interview tips when you meet with human resources:

 1. Don’t Dismiss HR: Many job applicants view interviewing with HR as a stepping stone to meeting the hiring manager. However, this approach may be the end of the road in your pursuit to be hired! HR acts as a coach in order to guide the organization in orchestrating cultural fit. They also have an overview of the openings company-wide. In addition to advancement in the interview process, befriending HR may have other benefits too. They can be the key to a referral for another, less publicized opening or confidential role. Remember, no matter how well you get along with the hiring manager, human resources professionals have the power to veto any job candidates they don’t see as fit for the company.

2. Have Questions Ready: Expect to be asked if you have any questions during the interview and be prepared with a list at the ready. While speaking with human resources professionals, ask questions relating to benefits and the company culture to convey genuine interest in not only the job but the company as well.

3. Strategic Answers: HR professionals tend to interview based on a behavioral interview that demonstrates how a potential employee would handle work-related situations. Most importantly, be prepared to explain why their company interests you as the next step in your career.

4. Be Yourself: By being yourself, and letting your personality shine through, you can guarantee that the human resources professional tasked with staffing a position get an accurate presentation of who you are and if you are a good fit for the company. Unlike hiring managers, a human resources representative seeks candidates that fit the company – not the specific job you are applying for.

Interviewing with human resources can be an invaluable way to get your foot in the door with a prospective employer. It is often one stage of a multiple-stage process. Stay tuned next week to learn more job interview tips when meeting with a hiring manager.



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  • All great tips to help those looking to ace their job interviews. I find that asking questions, as opposed to simply being asked questions, is a great way to improve interviews. It shows the candidate would like to learn more and is genuinely invested in being part of the company.

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