Is Your Interview Process Broken?

In today's economic climate, the interview process is one of the most important aspects of hiring the talent you need to compete. Time spent during the hiring process costs your organization money, in addition to the time and effort put forth by potential job candidates. If your organization is facing poor applicant flow or low offer acceptance rates there is a chance that the interview process could use some work. Read on to learn three ways to upgrade your interview process for the modern age and make better hiring decisions for your company. Is Your Interview Process Broken?

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Interviews

1. Ask Good Questions.

The hiring processes of many major companies, such as Google, are infamous for bizarre questions that could confuse potential job candidates while pondering their leadership skills. While the practice could be effective for some companies, it could deflect strong candidates from wanting to pursue a career with your company. Be sure to ask relevant questions that generate strong answers such as asking potential job candidates' favorite managers, the biggest challenges they’ve faced or a time when they failed on the job.

2. Stop Vetting Start Selling.

Interviews are by design initiated to determine personality fit, skills assessment and identify the perfect candidate for the job. Vetting the candidate pool is definitely part of the interview process but far too often companies forget to sell candidates on why they want to accept! When you have a candidate that is a potential match, make sure you close everyone! Better to have options than find that you must continually recruit until you finally close a candidate. Gone are the days where just advertising a job made it of interest. Now a candidate wants to know why they want your job? Put yourself in the applicant’s shoes. Do you love your job? Tell them!  Think of easy, low-cost opportunities to impress without adding extra effort or time to the process.  For example, offer a candidate a tour of the facility, discuss upcoming press releases or product releases and or company parties/picnics, etc.

3. Streamline interview procedures.

Does your interview process include an online application, multiple interviews either via phone or onsite or both? Try to consolidate interviews to ask a candidate to come onsite for a longer period of time while they meet multiple employees. Meeting multiple decision-makers on the same day will strengthen the candidate’s view of the company and allow for immediate feedback between internal stakeholders. Testing, writing samples, presentations, and projects? Choose one but not more than one to keep candidates from saying “it’s just not worth it”. Finally, shorten internal approval processes in order to come to the table quickly with offer letters. Have forms filled out in advance and ready to route for signatures. Consult with your HR department to discern what information is necessary to create an offer letter. Who does the reference checking? What is required? Typical turn-around times?

Great talent will propel your company to profitability. Now is the time to consider your interview process and look for ways to create a meaningful candidate experience that leaves applicants begging for the job. Want even more suggestions for interviewing during the hiring process? The talent acquisition team at Menlo Partners Staffing is happy to answer your questions.



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