How Employers Work with Glassdoor

How Employers Work with Glassdoor, a site where people anonymously post comments and reviews about a company and/or job position is the first place most job seekers go to research a potential employer.  Most articles are directed towards job seekers and how they can use to their benefit but I want to encourage employers to start using the site as a part of managing their corporate brand.

Of course, Glassdoor reviews, and the like, are not the end all be all of your company’s reputation or attraction to possible employees, but the site is gaining momentum and influence. Knowing what reviews are posted and knowing how to handle them is a must. These reviews can be skewed and are not always reliable.   Nevertheless, they are there, and people will be reading them.

Steps to Managing Your Social Presence

Create Your Company Profile

First, and maybe the most important thing for an employer to do is to create and manage your company’s own Glassdoor profile.  This is a space built to increase brand awareness, add real-time photos, and input.  Glassdoor’s goal is transparency, making this a two-way conversation increases communication and visibility.

Respond to All Reviews

It is also very important to be aware of all reviews, good and bad, and respond accordingly.   If there are multiple poor reviews, maybe there is an issue that deserves some investigation.  Let the reviewer know that you are looking into the problem and hope to improve future experiences.  If the allegations are simply untrue you can report them, and ask that they are removed.  To report a review you can click the “inappropriate” button or email the content team, explain why you feel it should be removed and include a link to the review you would like removed.  You should not post fake five-star reviews, but you should participate in reputation management.

Encourage Engagement

Engage your current employees! Ask them to comment and review the company, this can be an HR initiative or you can delegate brand ambassadors to promote and monitor your social presence.  This engagement is not limited to certain levels within the company, have the CEO interact on this medium (they can be rated as well!). If you invest in your employees Glassdoor can be a great tool for effective recruiting and building your brand, but if you ignore it some great candidates may not even apply.



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