Executive Recruiters-The Benefits of Using a Search Firm

The Benefits of Using a Search Firm

For the last three decades finding talent, or sourcing, has been the most important but difficult aspect of recruiting. However, with the increased use of the internet, social media and employee referral programs, finding talent has become extremely easy for qualified firms. A time where every professional and working individual can be found by a recruiting function is rapidly approaching.

While it’s become easier to find applicants, engaging or competing for talent is now significantly more challenging. If you are in the process of hiring top talent this year using Menlo Partners Staffing will give you an edge over your competition. Here’s how:

Advantages of Using An Executive Recruiter

  • Firm Advocacy: Beyond the posted webpage corporate story, a Menlo Partners Executive Recruiter can candidly discuss your corporate culture, management profiles, personality styles, and articulate “Why Client X?” We don’t simply fill job requests; we gain an understanding of your brand to tell your compelling story to potential employees.
  • Talent Insights: As third party recruiters we will understand the applicant’s motivators in a more timely fashion than those recruiting at the corporate office. Often job offer acceptance criteria remain “hidden” until very late stages of negotiation and can affect the outcome on a make or break basis. As your partner, we will feed you information when an applicant is leaning toward a competitive offer, needs a boost in connection with the hiring manager or has a specific point of negotiation beyond cash compensation.
  • Accessibility: Menlo Partners Recruiters are accessible to job seekers as career advisors. They are a good go-to resource for question and answer sessions, updates and can keep applicants feeling engaged and important throughout the process. Internal Recruiters are often overworked and unable to have as intimate a relationship at the onset due to normal business etiquette. This form of intimacy can often be the nudge needed to get top talent to accept your offer.
  • Confidentiality: Sticky situations occur. Menlo Partners will work with you to address talent management surrounding performance issues or confidential business considerations.
  • Education: Market conditions vary by geography, industry, economic stimulus, and job function. Menlo Partners will give you guidance on offer trends and your interview process to keep your company in step with the local market.



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