Creating an Attractive Company Culture

Creating Attractive Company CultureCulture is one of the three most important search criteria offered by applicants at the start of a job search at any age. The millennial generation, in particular, places high importance on culture.  The culture of your company not only helps to attract candidates but to retain employees as well.  The shift in power, in the market, from company driven recruitment to applicant driven recruitment means, now candidates want to know what kind of culture they will be entering before they even consider a job.  Google has played a big part in this movement becoming the epitome of “cool” culture by having chefs in the cafeteria, napping pods, and onsite laundry service.  But, not every company has the funds or ability to have a campus set up like Google’s, and here’s the thing, you don’t need it.  That’s right, I am here to tell you, that as a millennial, a ping-pong table is not on my must-have list.  Yes, we want a place where we can have fun and express ourselves, but there are much simpler ways to lure and engage us without our workplace resembling a playground.

Management Styles

What really differentiates a “cool” company culture is the management style and the amount of freedom we are given.  Can we work from home or telecommute occasionally?  Can we go to yoga on our lunch break?  How much training is provided, or will we have a mentor?  These are the kinds of questions we care about and will be asking, not whether or not you have a ping-pong table.

Innovation Culture

One new trend that has developed recently is having an innovation culture.  An innovation culture allows employees the freedom to ask, what if, or suggest “big” ideas, even if they are a little far-fetched.  This type of culture allows our voices to be heard and our opinions to truly be taken into consideration.  An innovation culture is one that is dynamic and not only supports, but encourages innovative ideas from employees, customers, and even the competition.  The workforce is changing, the workplace is changing, technology is advancing, and you don’t want to fall behind.  One way to stay relevant is to have an innovation culture.

Social Responsibility

There are many different ways to keep employees engaged and motivated.  Esthetics are important and perks like foosball and napping stations are great but they aren’t the only way to create a culture that Millennials will find appealing. In fact, Business Insider found that social responsibility is a great way to attract employees. This interesting perk has minimal costs and high engagement.  It allows employees to get out of the office for a few hours and help others in need; it’s a win-win.



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