3 Great Aptitude Tests To Change Careers

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Changing your career path can be a highly intimidating voyage to embark on, but leaving the familiar for a new professional "promised land" is not uncommon.  With the help of job placement and career aptitude tests, a new career path could be discovered in a matter of minutes. In this blog post, we introduce three career aptitude tests that could aid in determining which fields would best suit your professional skills, goals, and aspirations.

True Colors Career Aptitude Test: If you have a deep desire to change career fields, there is a chance that you stepped into your initial field without being fully familiar with its various job paths. The True Colors Career Aptitude Test, offered by Carolyn Kalil, is a simple test that determines which career path you are best suited for based on four personality categories. The test will help you determine whether you are a compassionate, conventional, conceptual or courageous professional. These categories are said to aid in determining which professional specializations and positions would best suit you.

John Holland Career Aptitude Test: Dr. John Holland developed his career aptitude test with the National Career Development Association in mind. This test is approximately 30 minutes in length and concludes with a list of potential job pathways that utilize your specialized talents and passions. This test is available for a small fee and is highly recommended as one of the outstanding and most cumulative career aptitude tests currently available to professionals.

Five Minute Princeton Review Career Aptitude Test: This test is a free, quick and easy career aptitude test that will not only aid in determining your strengths and paths that those skills compliment, but will also determine potential schools or programs for furthering your education if that is required for your career change. Additionally, the Princeton Review is home to hundreds of professional career profiles for personal research.

Career aptitude tests are not all-knowing magic examinations that will find you your dream job with the click of a button. They are, however, tools that can undoubtedly ease the transition from one familiar job pathway to the next. If you are considering detaching from your current career and hoping to land in a new industry, try these out for new ideas. Happy testing!



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