4 Ways Hiring Managers Can Assist Recruiters For Success

4 Ways Hiring Managers Can Assist Recruiters for Success

When hiring an executive recruiter to help you identify job applicants it is critical to create a great working relationship. Here are four ways managers can assist Recruiters for success.

#1: Paint a Complete Picture of Your Open Position

In providing us with the duties and responsibilities of your role, please tell us both the positive and negative aspects of the position. Certain functions are necessary within organizations, but those jobs may not be attractive opportunities for all applicants. Having awareness of the undesirable parts of a position enables us to paint a balanced and realistic picture to our candidates, thereby avoiding unpleasant surprises later in the placement process.

#2: Establish a Strategy and Process for Hiring

When it comes to hiring, I’m really surprised at how many Silicon Valley companies suffer from premature execution syndrome--also described as “Ready, Fire, Aim.” They have not collaborated internally with different stakeholders involved in the hiring process about the steps in the interview process. How many interviews are required? Who is involved and who has the ultimate say in the decision? Many times there are multiple personalities all weighing in on the hiring decision but doing so without having had a prior conversation as to the expectations from an applicant to see if they are all on the same page. The resulting disorder creates sub-optimal situations for painting the employer in the best light. Additionally, have you thought about the career trajectory for the role you are hiring? Sometimes this can become an obstacle as well. Are you hiring a candidate for the job they will be promoted into or the job at hand?  Just as in project management, thoughtful planning makes a tremendous difference when expanding your workforce.

#3: Provide Detailed Feedback About the Candidates You Pass Over

When a candidate is not selected for a job offer, it’s the recruiter’s job to deliver the bad news. Feedback from a client company can be extremely valuable in this situation. Firstly, understanding why a given candidate was rejected can provide insight into the decision-making process and culture of a client organization. This feedback will help the recruiter to pivot in the screening process for additional applicants and will shorten hiring time for future placements. In addition, feedback regarding a candidate can guide the recruiter in helping the job seeker find a position better suited to his or her experience, skills and personality.

Lastly, people appreciate knowing the truth. Recently Menlo Partners informed a candidate that she was the runner up for a position. Based on the client’s feedback—and with the client’s permission—we explained why the job offer was extended to someone else. We also told her that if that offer was rejected, the client would be very happy to work with her. Handling the situation in this way left both the client and the candidate feeling good about the interaction, and it created an opportunity for re-engagement if the primary candidate declined the job offer. Our promise to our candidates is that we will provide feedback, both positive and negative, during the process as to avoid the “black hole” that exists when applying online via the internet.

#4: Don’t Do This, Ever

Please do not ask us to do anything illegal, and do not share offensive/inappropriate information with us. Menlo Partners fully embraces fair employment practices--not simply because they’re the law, but because they’re the right thing to do. If we are faced with the choice between supporting our client and acting on information that we know to be illegal, we will do what is ethical every time. Asking us to compromise our values or to break the law will only lead to disappointment for everyone.



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