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Menlo Partners Staffing, Inc.

Menlo Partners Staffing is an independent recruitment agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide recruitment and employment support for accounting, administration, finance, human resources, marketing, and operations roles throughout the highly competitive market of Silicon Valley.

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What People Are Saying

Courtney took the time to get to know me- my experience, career goals, and personality. I am excited to go to work each day. I could not have landed my dream job without her help.

– Annie W., Director of Corporate Marketing

What People Are Saying

Menlo Partners is efficient and professional with a personal touch - truly the best recruiting firm I have worked with.

– Shannon A. Chief Financial Officer

What People Are Saying

My experience was fabulous! Courtney was professional and incredibly helpful. I felt that she was a partner right there with me during the process from beginning to end.

– Starla A., Accounts Payable Manager

What People Are Saying

The candidate we selected is a perfect fit for our team, and we will use Menlo Partners Staffing for our future hiring needs.

– Scott E., Founder

What People Are Saying

Any recruiter can match skill sets to a job, but Courtney is great at matching personalities. After meeting personally, she translated my wish list into my dream job!

– Beth S., Accounting

What People Are Saying

Courtney is easy to work with, extremely professional, and very thorough in her process.  Her insight into candidates was spot on, and she always kept me informed about her progress throughout the entire process.  

– Brad G., Controller

What People Are Saying

Wow! I wanted them both! You did a great job identifying a couple of great candidates; I am only sorry that I had to disappoint one of them.

– Wendy H. Human Resources Manager